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Name (Symbol) Base Unit Unit Symbol
Angular Frequency radian/s w
Admittance (Y) siemen S
Capacitance (C) farad F
Capacitive Reactance (XC) farad F
Center Frequency (Fc) hertz Hz
Charge coulomb C
Conductance (G) siemen S
Current (I) ampere A
Dipole Moment coulomb * meter p
Electric Charge coulomb Q
Electric Flux coulomb Y
Electric Flux Density coulomb/meter2 D
Electric Susceptibility   ce
Energy (E) joule J
Frequency hertz Hz
Impedance (Z) ohm W
Inductance (L) henry H
Inductive Reactance (XL) henry H
Linear Current Density ampere/meter2 a
Magnetic Field tesla T
Magnetic Flux weber F
Magnetic Flux Linkage weber L
Magnetic Flux Density tesla B
Magnetic Susceptibility   cm
Magnetomotive Force weber Wb
Mutual Inductance henry Li,j    Mi,j
Permeability henry/meter m
Permittivity farad/meter e
Phase Angle radian f
Phase Coefficient radian b
Potential (V) volt V
Power (P) watt W
Reluctivity meter/henry n
Resistance (R) ohm W
Resonant Frequency (Fr) hertz Hz
Surface Density of Charge coulomb/meter2 s
Susceptance (B) siemen S
Volume Density of Charge coulomb/meter3 r
Volume Resistivity ohm/meter3 r
Wavelength meter l