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  • All about images
    AutoCAD is essentially a vector drawing application. However, there are occasions when it would be useful to display raster images as part of your drawing. It would also be useful if you could make basic modifications to images and to be able to scale them. Using such tools, you could use an image to trace some base information.
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  • AutoCAD Boolean Operations
    Working in 3D usually involves the use of solid objects. At times you may need to combine multiple parts into one, or remove sections from a solid. AutoCAD has some commands that make this easy for you.
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  • Basic 3D
    Covers: DDVPOINT, the properties command, Moving in the Z Direction, The 3D Face Command, Drawing the Table, 3D Objects
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  • Changing an Object's Properties in AutoCAD
    It is very common in AutoCAD to change the properties of an object after you have created it. An example would be offsetting a line and then changing it to a different layer. Every object has properties. Some are common to all objects, such as layer, linetype and color. Other object has very specific properties such as text or blocks. Since there are many types of objects, there are also many ways of modifying their properties.
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  • Creating Blocks in AutoCAD
    In this lesson you will be introduced to blocks. By definition, a BLOCK is a collection of simple entities (lines, arcs, circles, text, etc.) that form a more complex entity that normally represents an object in the real world, e.g. a door, a chair, a window, a computer.
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  • Defining Attributes in AutoCAD
    AutoCAD is also a database of information. Most of that database contains the information for reproducing what you have drawn, but you can also add information that is non-graphical. One of the easiest ways of adding non-graphical information is to use attributes. An attribute is text that can be attached to a block to convey more information than just the geometry on its own could convey.
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  • Editing and Modifying With Grips
    By now you should be familiar with grips. These are the ‘blue squares’ that get highlighted when you select an object outside of a command. Grips are handles that allow you to manipulate the object without entering a command directly.
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  • Hatching in AutoCAD
    Hatching in AutoCAD is a way of filling in areas of your drawing with a pre-formatted pattern to represent certain materials. It is usually used in sectional views. With AutoCAD release 14, you can now use a solid fill to completely fill in areas such as walls in a floor plan.
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  • Object Snap
    The Object Snaps (Osnaps for short) are drawing aids which are used in conjunction with other commands to help you draw accurately.
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  • Units and Scales
    Among the most important concepts that newcomers to AutoCAD need to get to grips with are those of drawing scale and drawing units. You cannot start creating sensible drawings with AutoCAD until you are familiar with scale, units and the commands you use to control them. This tutorial discusses these concepts, starting with the two most commonly asked questions in this subject area.
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  • Using Co-ordinates
    A good understanding of how co-ordinates work in AutoCAD is absolutely crucial if you are to make the best use of the program. If you are not familiar with co-ordinates and co-ordinate systems, take some time to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts.
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