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  • Common New User Problems
    We've been around since the early days of Palm computing so we have heard them all... Here is a list of the top 10 new user problems.
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  • How to Hard Reset
    How to Hard Reset A hard reset can fix many problems with the handheld such as digitizer problems, fatal errors and lock-ups.
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  • Palm Hint, Tips and Tricks
    Activate the Beam With Ease, Add Custom Info to an Address Book Entry, Add Password Protection, Add Personal Info to Your Startup Screen, Attaching Notes to Appointments, Back Up Your PalmPilot!, Do a Local HotSync First, Reschedule Your Month, Changing Text in a Repeating Event, Clean Your Screen, Control Which Time Slots Are Displayed in the Day View, Eliminate Blank Appointment Lines, Fast Datebook Entry, HotSync Time-Out Problems, Keep Your Taps on Target, No Need to Triple-Shift
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  • Palm Pilot Tutorial
    So you just received your new Palm V and you want to know how to get started. This tutorial will take you through all of the things you'll need to know.
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  • Software Installation Wizard
    Never installed Palm software? This step-by-step wizard will walk you through the process to download, unzip, and install a 3rd-party software application and database (.prc and .pdb) files.
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  • The Palm Basics
    Here is a bit of information for all you true Palm newbies out there. Need to know which unit to buy? Done understand why you need 8MB instead of 2MB? Now you'll find out in plain English...
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  • How do I ...?
    Below are links to pages which provide instructions on how to complete a particular task using Windows CE. Many of these pages were written by Windows CE users just like you.
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  • Microsoft Windows CE: An Overview
    Microsoft Windows CE is a scaled-down operating system designed specifically for what Microsoft terms 'information appliances'. In Microsoft's vision, these appliances range from handheld computing devices to mobile phones to automobiles to industrial equipment.
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  • Support WebCast: Technical Overview of Windows CE ActiveSync 3.0
    This session will include information about the latest version of Windows CE Services, now called ActiveSync 3.0. Differences between ActiveSync 3.0 and earlier versions will be discussed, including architecture differences. We will also review installation and configuration of the Windows CE device.
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