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Case, power supply
Mother Board
Serial Port
Parallel Port
USB Port
IDE Interface
Floppy Interface
CPU, Cooling fan
SCSI Interface
Audio Interface
Video Interface
CD Rom & DVD
Stereo Speaker
Floppy Disk
Hard disk
Game Port
Modem Interface
Network Interface
Video Conference
CD Rewriter
CD Recorder
DVD Recorder
Digital Camera
Digital Camcorder
Television Card
Palm Book 
Note book


     Today, computer not just the files cabinet for people working around with several office programs to keep their information any more.  It is a  whole real  world at your fingertip.  Whatever you want to know or you want to do, most of the time it is going to start from with your computer.

      1- Listening music and enjoy video movie or television while you are working with any program without interference.   These option are known as Audio interface (sound card)  CD Rom, DVD, TV card, Video interface, and  Internet video or music through several programs like : Microsoft Media Player, Real networks, Flash player, etc..

     2-  Design your own graphics, photo, animation, flyer for your business, edit your vacation video tape or birthday pictures photo, and post cards by using color Scanner, Digital camera, Digital camcorder, color Printer, along with hundred of photo graphics program already available in the market.

     3-  Keeping track of your family pictures, important papers, contracts, and even all the information or pictures of your family which called "Data files" into a Tape backup, spare hard drive, floppy disk, or CD Recorder.

     4-  You can research for any  references, education tutor, world wide map, location, address, or shopping, selling, communicate with all people around the world, and most convenient is online banking and investment by using  Modem with many of  Internet provider.  Matter fact, these day many of large  companies provided free Internet access with 56K baud transmission.

     5-  Thousands of education and game programs for you and your children to play and learn.  These programs also provided sound and graphics even video for making as easy to understand and more fun to learn and play.

     6-  Most important for some of us.  We use computer to control and monitor external electronic devices such as Video equipment, Alarm system, Light on/off switches box.  For companies, computer connected to external electronic equipments for all the testing purpose.

     So this is a very good time for you to learn steps by steps in computer hardware and software with our technical support online.  With our best information provided, you can learn each hardware deep down to component function and you can understand how each hardware work inside the computer system.  To begin learning you can click on each hardware device on the left for more information.  On your right is the links list contain most of the large company for computer hardware.